Media Work

As professionals, we have an in-depth understanding of the content, target groups and reach of the different media. We know what information is interesting, topical and important to which medium, and how to prepare information so that it gets published. To make sure we spot important trends and developments in the customer’s industry at an early stage, we closely follow daily reporting in the relevant media.

Media contacts

Our successful media efforts are the result of excellent longstanding contacts with editorial offices and journalists. Regular, honest and open information creates trust, understanding and acceptance for our customers’ goals and activities. We have a good understanding of their interests, based on ongoing personal meetings. Press releases, interviews and conferences, exclusive interviews, background interviews and press trips are part ot the basic work that we do.

Media training

Our many years of experience have given us a clear understanding of the key issues in handling the media. We pass on this knowledge to our customers and prepare them for public appearances, such as press interviews, conferences and television appearances.

Media monitoring

We scrutinize reports in the media every day, collecting, collating and commenting on both references to our clients and reports on their branch of industry or special fields of interest. So we give them a maximum head start with information.

Topic management

Selecting the right topics is vital to an effective media strategy. In many cases, news concerned purely with the company is of little information value to general media readers. We therefore pick up aspects of the company’s topics that are of importance to the public target groups and to journalists. Keeping the media supplied regularly and openly with information creates a climate of acceptance and appreciation of a company’s activities. We know the spheres of interest, the target groups, and the editorial coverage in each case. So we know what information is of interest, and we present it in a way that is suitable for publication.